Broadcasters Development Tool Kit

Index to the broadcasters development kit

The following is the index to the broadcasters development kit, which was produce for provincial broadcasters in Vietnam. It includes background material explaining how the project came about, along with 40 training modules for you to download and use.


Media Strategy

This section contains tools designed to help a media business meet its the needs of its target audience and generating revenue.

Media Management

How to run a modern, converged/integrated newsroom delivering to multiple devices


How to producing compelling, dynamic content for TV, radio and digital devices that ensures the audience continues to come back for more.


The values that should define how content is sourced, gathered, produced and broadcast.


The following is a recap on what we hope participants have learnt from the course. It’s written as a story involving a number of fictional characters who assume the responsibilities set out in the course modules and follow a strategy to create a modern and efficient news organisation.

We hope you find the broadcasters development toolkit useful. All the material is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means you are free to use and adapt it for non-commercial purposes on the condition that if you republish or share it you do so under the spirit of Creative Commons.

All the training modules were written by me, David Brewer, and are based on work carried out via my media development site, Media Helping Media and my media mentoring site.