The following sum up what Media Ideas does:

  • Assist media houses in responding to the business, editorial workflow, and technological challenges posed by changing audience behaviour.
  • Advise on the introduction of converged/integrated newsrooms, and the steps needed to design and apply digital-first strategies, where appropriate.
  • Offer journalism training for print, broadcast and online journalists and social media training for all.
  • Specialise in helping media in exile set out their editorial propositions and prepare for the day when they become mainstream.
  • Offer free media training modules via Media Helping Media for journalists in developing countries who can’t afford training.
  • Provide updates on training projects and free tools via our blog.

I am David Brewer, the person behind Media Ideas. I usually work alone, contracted by media companies, NGOs or individuals.

I also run a Media Mentoring service with my colleague Bob Eggington where we offer media management one-to-one help and support with their strategies.